Oregon Fish and Wildlife Journal: 2016 Fall Journal

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2016 Fall Journal

Oregon Fish & Wildlife Journal

2016 Fall Journal

In Fall 2016 Issue...

My Voice, By Cristy Rein

Former Chief of the Forest Service Says: No Fire Problem Just a Land Management Problem, By Dale Bosworth

Falls and Sprawls on the Elliott, By Mickey Bellman

Fires or Herbicides- The Sum of All Fears, By Michael Newton

A Wapiti For Kamaaha Dooley, By Cam Ghostkeeper

Manage Our Forests With Science Not Ideology, By Seth Barnes

The Evidence Is Clear...The More We Use Our Forests The Better Off We Are, By Dave Tenny

Oregon Cattlemen Fight National Monument

Eisenhower Was Right! Government Science Is Killing Our Forests, By Dr Bob Zybach Ph.D

Sturgeon Can Be A Blast, By G.I. Wilson

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