Spring Issue 2019 Table of Contents:

My Voice... By Cristy Rein

2nd Amendment Rights are at Risk

Cause of California Wildfires

Fishing in Oregon... From Jake Ziglinski

The Real Cost of Protecting Endangered Species is Hundreds of Billions of Dollars... From Competitive Enterprise Institute

The Scratchgravel Incident... By Mickey Bellman

Forest Restoration: Problems and Opportunities Revisited... By Dr. Bob Zybach

The Parable of a Lost Cabin... By Cam Ghostkeeper

Oregon Taxpayers Can't Celebrate $200 Million Debt Service on the Elliot State Forest... By John A. Charles, Jr., Cascade Policy Institute

Oregon's HB 2656 Would Lock Up a Million Acres... By Oregonian for Food and Shelter

Forest Service Pays More Than $9 Million to Environmental Groups... From Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities

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2019 Spring Journal

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