Fall Issue 2021 Table of Contents:

My Voice... By Cristy Rein

Oregon Teacher Removes U.S. Flag, Calls It Terrifying, Violent... By OregonWatchdog.com

A Cougar With A Bad Attitude... By Cam Ghostkeeper

A Journey Into Fear... From Cam Ghostkeeper

Biden’s 30 By 30 Plan, A Slap At American Private Property Rights... By Karen Budd-Falen

Oregon Fisherman Hits The Kenai River... By Jeff Plew

Wildfires: Focusing On The Solutions... By Nick Smith, Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities

Oatmeal At 16o... By Mickey Bellman

The Snags Of The North Umpqua: Part 1. Future Risks... By Bob Zybach, Ph.D

Critter Undercover... By Tresa Finchum

Cattlemen Oppose River Democracy Act... By Tom Sharp, President Oregon Cattlemen’s Association

Gov. Brown Follows Kitzhaber Scandal With $100,000 Consultant

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2021 Fall Journal

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