Oregon Fish and Wildlife Journal: 2013 Fall Journal

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2013 Fall Journal

Oregon Fish & Wildlife Journal

2013 Fall Journal

In Fall 2013 Issue ...

My Voice, By Cristy Rein

Oxbow Burn...Oxbow Forest... By John L. Perry

The Saga of Albert “Lucky” Johnson...By Cam Ghostkeeper

The Fine Art Of Staying Unlost...By Mickey Bellman

Are There Laws That Protect Our Forests?...From The Oregon Forest Resource Institute

39th Annual Oregon Trappers Rendezvous...By Bob Gilman, Oregon Trappers Association

Did You Know?...Wildfire Update

The True Costs Of Wildfire And The Douglas Complex...By Dr. Bob Zybach and John Marker

Restoring Healthy Forests For Healthy Communities Act (H.R. 1526)... Statements From Rep.Doc Hastings

Update On H.R. 1526Statements From Rep. Greg Walden

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